Embarking on a journey from San Antonio? Don't let your braces or aligners from Britton Orthodontics hinder your adventure. Whether you're exploring the River Walk or enjoying the cultural scene, these traveling tips will help you maintain your orthodontic treatment without missing a beat. 


Pack Your Orthodontic Essentials 

Before you hit the road, ensure you have your orthodontic essentials in tow. Pack a toothbrush, orthodontic toothpaste, floss threaders, and orthodontic wax to tackle any situation while on the go. 


Opt for Orthodontic-Friendly Foods 

San Antonio's cuisine is a delight, but remember to choose braces-friendly options like soft tacos and rice dishes. For aligner wearers, remove your aligners before indulging and clean your teeth thoroughly before reinserting them. 


Cleanliness On the Go is Key 

Touring the Alamo or exploring the historic sites? Keep a travel-sized water flosser and interdental brushes on hand to ensure your braces or aligners stay clean and free from debris. 


Hydration for Oral Health 

San Antonio's warm climate calls for hydration. Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth fresh and help dislodge food particles, especially after enjoying local Tex-Mex treats. 


Utilize Portable Mirrors 

A small mirror is a valuable tool. Use it discreetly to check for trapped food particles or ensure your aligners are fitting properly. 


Ward off Discomfort On the Go 

Discomfort from braces or aligners can be managed with a travel-sized orthodontic wax. If soreness persists, over-the-counter pain relievers can provide relief until you're back in San Antonio. 


Schedule Check-ins for Peace of Mind 

If your travels take you away for an extended period, consider scheduling a check-in at Britton Orthodontics. Our experts can ensure your treatment stays on track and offer advice tailored to your on-the-go lifestyle. 



Your journey from San Antonio should be about discovering new horizons, not worrying about your orthodontic treatment. These traveling tips will help you maintain your braces or aligners while savoring all that the city has to offer. Remember, your smile transformation is a continuous adventure, and with these tips, you can conquer it all. For more information or to schedule an appointment, reach out to Britton Orthodontics today! 

Ready to explore San Antonio with a confident smile? Contact Britton Orthodontics to schedule an appointment or learn more about managing your braces or aligners during your travels. Your journey to a stunning smile continues wherever you go! 



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